Globe13 Verification


Where is the security code?

Locate the G13 Verify label on the product & scratch it with a coin to obtain the code.

About Solution

What is G13 verify?

G13 verify presents a low cost mobile mechanism that adds a security layer to mitigate the risk of fake products through the use of a Numeric Verification Code. This simple solution is easy to deploy and is compatible with majorly all the devices, be it a High-end Smart phone with internet or a basic feature phone without internet or even a desktop. This solution can be deployed with wide range of enterprises - manufacturers, importers, retailers.

Empowering Customers

The responsibility for preventing the spread and use of counterfeit products lies with everyone in the product market value chain – the designers, manufacturers, importers, suppliers, installers; more importantly the consumer. G13 Verify empowers the consumer to check the authenticity of product as the last step of the supply chain. That way passing an important message from the company that it considers its customers as powerful brand protectors and deserve to receive only authentic products thereby establishing and enhancing further the consumer confidence and trust in the brand.